What is stopping you from being beyond who you are now? - Sharon Powell

Sharon Powell visited Watford City PIWC (a church in Watford) on the 19th of March 2017, and asked everyone, "What is stopping you from being beyond who you are now?".

George Henry, at BYC (Build Your Career Event) said, "All of us have the capability of being smart…" We all have immense knowledge in various things…but we do not build upon that knowledge purposefully. Many wish to succeed, but your success depends on you taking action. It is great to dream and envision, but if you do not start to take actions towards that vision, it will not materialise.

Sharon spoke to the congregation saying, "people who settle for the norm, find themselves amongst and before common men (people)...But to go beyond this, you ought to be more than ordinary...You need to take yourself outside your comfort zone, bridge the gap in your knowledge, to do better and to be better".

Someone out there is spending hours grafting their skills. Such a person will stand before prominent people and it ought not to surprise you. Putting in your time, to develop yourself spiritually and physically is the key to your success.

However, you need to beware of the DELILAHs in your life. You ought to keep certain things between yourself and God. Samson trusted Delilah for she was beautiful, and she was offering him the necessary praise and pleasure at that time. Do not let such things and such people deceive you, because you don't know their intentions. But surround yourself with the right people, network, and connect in order to build yourself up.

Do not forget to pray. Prayer and devotion with God can be the difference between a great or good day and a bad day. Pray, fast and commune with God and He will direct you, as you apply hard work, time and commitment to your tasks.

Have a highly productive week

Key Scripture: Proverbs 22:28- Do you see a man skillful and experienced in his work?He will stand [in honor] before kings;He will not stand before obscure men.

Speaker Profile- Sharon Powell

Msc Business Analytics and Consultancy Graduate

HSBC Commercial Banking
University of Hertfordshire
I am a motivated, hard-working and reliable individual currently focused and looking to progress my career aspirations towards IT and project management. I consider myself to be a good problem solver who is persistent and driven and thrive on new challenges, be they academic, work related or personal.
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Author Profile- Isabella Sefa Obeng
PGDip Marketing, BA Social Science
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CIM- Chartered Institue of Marketing Student and Member
Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur and Graphic Designer
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