“God has got a problem!” - Prof. Kobby

At Watford PIWC, the church celebrated its first Easter Convention in Watford since its conception. Joined with Watford, was the Hemel Hempstead PIWC members and some members from Wembley PIWC.

On this day, the church was graced with the presence of Salem PIWC’s District Pastor, Professor. Kobby Kodua.

Pastor Kodua’s message to all is this; “God has got a problem!”

If this God that many speak of, is meant to be all-knowing, almighty, all-powerful, what possibly could be God’s problem?

To understand this, readers, we must go on a journey.

Issue 1: We are living in a world full of problems. Problems at home, at work, at school, in the hospital; simply put, there are problems everywhere.

Issue 2: We are hard-wired to be problem solvers. Many years ago, when humans had to walk on foot, it was a problem. Man came up with a solution termed transportation. Vehicles were meant to solve a problem, but yet, just between the period of 2001 to 2011, there was an average of 2000 deaths per year as a result of accidents on the road.

So man’s solution to a problem always creates another problem, which eventually leads to death.

Issue 3: The complexity of the problem requires a higher person to solve it. Employers pay us because we provide a solution. The higher and more complex the problems you solve, the better you are paid. The expertise of a doctor, grants him justification to be paid more than a cleaner, because the problems he solves are complex.

Issue 4: Problems are causally related. But if you skip the little ones, they will amount to a big problem as it accumulates. An accident on the road affects the individuals family. If he has kids, the kids will be affected by it and it will then impact their education, which will impact the community and then the world.

Are we doomed?

The logical answer is yes we are. But God being God, provides another answer. You see, for God to be accepted as all powerful, all knowing and almighty; and for God to demand our worship, He must solve the greatest problem of mankind. The problem must be the root of all other problems facing mankind, so that its solution will solve all other problems. Complex much? Let’s go on and all will be revealed…

What is the greatest problem? Sin! Sin is the root of all problems we face in society.

You see, God created angels before He created man, and gave Lucifer (now Satan) the authority over them. He was beautiful, covered in precious stones, skilled musician. Somebody you could easily revere. So when God was creating man, the angels were there and so was Lucifer. Expecting to be given dominion over this earth that God created, instead God gave the dominion to the inexperienced, not so powerfully or beautiful creature called man. And Lucifer grew envious.

That is why if you have been working in the house of God for a while, and some new person comes along and suddenly get a position ‘higher’/ ‘better’ than yours; if you are not careful, you will begin to develop ENVY.

Envy is the secret behind the fall of man. You may think it is not fair, but fairness is a human concept and language, because how can the clay or the pot question the potter who created it? God has full control over what He does.

Satan knew these attributes about God and wanted to use it to cause man to fall;

  1. God is Just and firm. He cannot break his own law.

  2. God cannot act against Himself/word,

  3. God is Holy and will not tolerate sin.

Satan’s master plan against Adam and Eve was based on the above principles.

So what is God’s problem?

God loves man, and doesn’t want man to die but man has sinned. The problem God has is this; how can He forgive man and remain a Just, Firm, Holy and Truthful God when they have sinned?

The solution God gives must not violate the three attributes.

A price must be paid for sin on behalf of man, but man from birth is sinful. So then a new Adam is required, but that Adam must also come from the bloodline of man to be able to justify the redemption of man; but He must be totally without sin.

God then gave himself through Jesus Christ as a son of man, but fully a son of God, containing man’s blood but God’s spirit. The death of this man, silenced the demand for justice for man, whilst maintaining God as Holy and Truthful to His word.

That is why, Jesus is the way, the truth and life. No one can be reconciled from darkness into life (back to God) except through HIM.

Happy Easter

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