For the people of Watford City PIWC, the Easter Convention extended for another Sunday. Rev. Professor Kwabena Aggyapong Kodua explained that everyone needed the opportunity to understand why Christ died for us all. He chose on this day, to dwell on a topic he termed, “Jesus, our Passover lamb”.


Passover may sound like a complicated foreign concept but it simply consists of two words; Pass and Over. Passover largely signifies the Passover from an old life (full of troubles, darkness, oppression) into a new life (full of hope, freedom, and peace).

The old versus the new:

Quoting from 1 Corinthian

s 5:7, Rev Kodua encouraged all to get rid of their past and begin a new life which can only be found in Christ. 1 Corinthians 5:7 states, “Clean out the old leaven so that you may be a new batch, just as you are, still unleavened. For Christ, our Passover Lamb has been sacrificed.”

An old leaven- simply refers to the old you. The way you were, the things you watched, the things you did, the things you said, get rid of it, because of Jesus, our Passover lamb has been sacrificed.

Rev. Kodua explained, “We don’t do to become but to become we do”.

You do not need to “try” to be good;

As a Christian, it’s not you trying to be good, to be holy or to be anything you think you ought to be; but instead, it is because you have been transformed by Christ that you are holy, kind, good. Christ in you, transforms your understanding and that dictates what you say and do and even how you think. When you understand the reason why Christ was sacrificed the way He was, it will enlighten you to lead a better life.

So why did Jesus have to die?

The truth is, because of sin, man was required to make continuous sacrifices in order to be redeemed from the wages of sin which was death. But God’s plan for mankind isn’t death but an abundant life, as He intended for us to have since creation. We were and are God’s treasured friend and loved one. Because sin separated us from Him, something needed to be done to end death once and for all.

The First Passover

The book of Exodus explains the account of the first Passover. The people of Isreal were in captivity by the Egyptians and God sent Moses to rescue them from their oppression into a land that God had chosen and prepared for them. They would finally be free from slavery. God gave the people of Isreal a list of instructions, that will allow them to transition from bondage into freedom.

Pharoh would not let the slaves go, so God sent the angel of death to Egypt but in a plot to save His chosen people He gave Moses and the people of Isreal a requirement for sacrifice. They were to find a lamb from their flock that was a year old, without spot or blemish and keep it for four days. On the fourteenth day, they were to slaughter it and use the blood to mark their door post in a manner that would appear like a cross and that household would be under God’s protection. Now the angel of death passed through Egypt but for every door post that had the blood mark, the angel of death will Passover that household.

Jesus meets all the requirements

Now Jesus as a perfect sacrifice also had to meet the requirements of the sacrificial lamb set out in Exodus 12. Jesus was a lamb without blemish and was in fact examined by the royal priesthoods, Sadducees and Pharisees and declared as having no fault at all. This process of keeping and examination took four days, just as God instructed in Exodus. These criteria qualified Christ as the perfect sacrificial lamb. Jesus death and triumphant resurrection put an end to death once and for all. There is now no condemnation and no need for any more sacrifice. Man can now have a relationship with God and no longer be separated by sin.

He is God’s last card, his final resort to save mankind

For all those who require a new life, a new beginning, the death of Christ is the assurance that you have that. Believing in Jesus, grants you access to qualify to use His sacrifice as the redemption of your sins. He is the last card of God. He is God final last resort to save mankind. There really is no other way to be saved, except through HIM.

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