Many people ask, “if Adam and Eve were the ones who ate the fruit and disobeyed God, why does that make me a sinner?”. Some people also ask, “Can’t I just be good and go to heaven, why do I need Jesus?”. Both questions are very valid questions for this postmordern age for any christian and atheist.

On the 16th of April, when Watford City P.I.W.C. celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Dcns. Isabella Sefa Obeng addressed the above questions.

It was the last day of the SALEM PIWC Easter Convention; based on the theme, “The Blood Speaks”, and the room was filled with church members and visitors, eager to hear the penultimate word to end the Easter Convention.

To conclude the Easter journey, Dcns. Isabella Sefa Obeng, spoke about the fall of man, the need for the blood of Jesus, and the true value of the resurrection; based on the topic, “the new blood covenant”.

Dcns. Isabella started the sermon by asking, “do we all know the difference between good and evil?” the crowd nodded in response. Dcns. then asked, “put your hands up if you believe you know the difference between right and wrong?”. Again the crowd responded with their hands up.

Dcns. Isabella declared, “The only reason why you know the difference between what is right and what is wrong is because of the fall of man in the garden of Eden”.

To study this, the first two readings were taken from the book of Genesis chapter 3 and chapter 4. Genesis 3, tells the story of the instruction God gave man, saying, “Do not eat the fruit in the middle of the garden (the tree of the knowledge of good and evil), if you eat it or even touch it, you will surely die” (paraphrased). Now the serpent was cunning and deceived Adam and Eve to eat the fruit, and immediately they ate, their eyes opened and they realised they were naked, but also that they have sinned (acknowledging that they have done something wrong). So they went to hide and cover themselves out of shame and guilt.

As human beings, we do the same thing. We have even gone as far as forming ideologies and philosophies, to make it okay to do things that are clearly wrong; though we know the truth inside us. Sin loves company. People who are often doing the wrong thing like to persuade and force other people to join them; just so they can feel better about themselves. It is because we know the truth within us. No amount of political correctness, human laws or viral campaigns can change that. All because of the fall of man in the garden, sin has transcended down to us. it is in our bloodline. It is a part of our consciousness.

God knows and we know what is right and what is wrong. But It is God’s wish that sin is cleansed out from our beings, so that we can be restored back to our former state. You don’t know what you are missing. the person who created you knows that you have malfunctioned and are in need of the very thing that can restore you to make you whole and complete. A life without sin and its painful consequences; an eternal life full joy, peace, love, authority and dominion. Quite simply, everything you are striving to achieve is because you are working to gain back what was lost due to sin. Our soul recognises that something is missing and propels us to find it. Because we do not live in a vacuum; the sin of others also impacts your quality of our life. So we desperately need to conquer over sin and be restored.

But the sacrifice of an animal only atoned for man for a while until man sinned again. It could not cleanse us forever. So God sought for the best sacrifice to get rid of sin once and for all. To do so, the person must come from the Adamic bloodline, but the person also could not have sin in Him at all. This meant the person had to be born as a human being (an offspring of Adam), but to make Him sinless, He had to also be fully God, holy and without blemish to be the perfect sacrifice. This means, no one could qualify except God himself. God then, begot Jesus Christ as a second Adam (without sin, worthy as an offering and able to die to pay for the judgement of death on man). This is why the death of Jesus was the singular and only sacrifice that is able to silence the tongue of any accuser, proclaiming that a saved person is a sinner.

Despite the sacrifice of Jesus, for us. This alone was not enough to restore man back to his former state. We still needed something else.

“And if Christ has not been raised, then all our preaching is useless, and your faith is useless”. 1 Corinthians 15:14

Although Jesus was the perfect precious sacrifice, his death will mean nothing if He was not also raised from the dead. His blood will atone for our sins, but we will have no access to the restoration that God intends for us to have, which we can only have if we possess His spirit.

God created us in his likeness and image, and gave us dominion over the earth and all that was in it. Sin gave us as slaves and stripped us of that authority and the right power required to be fully who God created us to be. Because Jesus Christ had the spirit of God in Him, which was holy and immortal, the power of this raised Him from the dead and seated Him at the right hand of God in the heavens. Now God has granted all access to the life of restoration, which He has hidden in Christ. So to access it, you must get it in Christ. But you can only access it, if you can believe that Jesus was the son of God, and that He died for you. Because faith is the only activating key of access to eternal life. And once you have accepted Christ, He gives you also the Holy spirit, so that you may have power to conquer any challenges that life may present to you. It is those who posses the spirit of God, those are the children of God. Because the flesh is to die, but the spirit gives life, and life eternal (Romans 8).

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